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These guys do a great job. They are prompt and leave the windows looking amazing. I wish they could come here every day.

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Shandon G.

They were courteous, on-time and our windows look amazing!

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Holly W


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Arlene G.
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Services Offered

Window Cleaning

Clean windows can make a huge difference in the atmosphere of your home. But cleaning windows can be time consuming, and moving up-and-down ladders with heavy equipment is difficult for many.

Let Seattle Window Cleaners handle it all for you! Seattle Window Cleaners is a fully licensed and insured professional window cleaner with over a decade of experience in window cleaning. From wiping down screens, tracks and window sills, and general window cleaning, we will help make your windows shine!

Pressure Washing

The cleanliness of your property makes for a great first impression. But all properties are exposed to both natural elements such as mold and fungus, to human elements such as grease and people that leave chewing gum or footprints and grime.

At Seattle Window Cleaners, we understand the correct amount of pressure that needs to be applied to the different surfaces of your property to give you the most effective wash. Our technicians will come to your property and remove tough grime and debris and make your surfaces look like new again.

Gutter Cleaning

Maintaining clean gutters is the first line of defense in protecting your home’s foundation. Clogged and full gutters can cause water that spill over the gutters to slowly eat away at a home’s foundation leading to long-term damage. Water that seeps behind the gutter can eventually cause the fascia board to rot and the gutter to fall off. Seattle Window Cleaners will clean the debris and blockages in your gutters and help restore their proper function.

Roof Cleaning & Moss Treatment

Mother nature puts our roofs under continuous strain. When moisture is trapped in the crevices of your shingles, algae and moss spores can bloom. When this happens, algae and moss will deteriorate the lifespan of the roof and destroy the waterproofing function of your roof, allowing water to pass into your attic and air to seep out. This leads to higher energy costs and eventually, the need to replace your entire roof.

The best way to prevent the build up of algae, moss, lichens, etc., is roof cleaning at regular intervals, along with the application of a moss killing agent. Instead of waiting for the damage to force your hand in buying a new roof, have it cleaned early and often by our professional cleaning technicians.

Holiday Lighting & Installation

Does the thought of balancing on an unsteady ladder while reaching for that far corner to hang holiday lights give you unnecessary stress for the holidays? Let us do the hard work of hanging your holiday lights this year. From custom installation to taking lights down when the holidays are over, we will do it all for you!

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