Pressure Washing in The Spring – How To Prepare Ahead

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February 26, 2022

After the harsh conditions of the winter, the chances are that your home is due for deep cleaning (through pressure washing) and what better time for that than spring!

In a few months, the birds will be singing, the plants will be greener, and the weather will be warming up for Seattle (and surrounding areas). Getting your home primed and prepped is important. In essence, spring is undoubtedly the best time to bring your home back to its glory.

However, to achieve the best spring cleaning, you need to go about the process the right way. Frankly, that way is to hire an expert like Seattle Window Cleaners.

But at the same time, we understand that you would love to be hands-on about deep cleaning your home. And that is okay. We even included tips to help you in this blog.

5 Tips To Prepare Your Home For Pressure Washing In The Spring

Maintain Your Home And Its Environment

The first step to ensuring that your home is always clean is to maintain it from the start. That means regular cleaning and disinfection. And mind you, home maintenance shouldn't stop at just your interiors.

Extend the routine cleaning to your driveways, patios, windows, and even gardens. In summary, cultivate the habit of keeping your home and environment clean.

Look Out For Signs Of Dirt And Infestation

Despite your routine maintenance, the chances are that you will still experience some stains, water build-up, and weed growth in your environment. Take the driveway as an example; it will always have some mosses and algae – it doesn't matter how much you clean.

The issue only arises when you leave the mosses and water build-up unattended. When that happens, you might experience a slippery and dirty driveway. Fortunately, you can avoid those episodes by regularly checking for the signs.

How Big Is The Damage?

Earlier, we mentioned that unattended weed growth and water build-up are issues. And they are because they can damage your driveway. Your driveway aside, uncontrolled mosses can inhabit disease-causing organisms. Unfortunately, the latter might move into your home and contaminate your home.

Ordinarily, you should nip the mosses at their buds before the "big damage." And that is about the best you can do. If the growth escalated to the point of contamination, you might likely change your driveway and pay excessively for it.

Also, you should know that commercial pressure washing is off limit; you should leave it to professionals. That is the only way to avoid any legal complications from DIY.

Protect Your Assets

While you can do simple pressure washing of a two-car driveway, you still need to be careful. For starters, you should choose a washer with the fitting pressure. Most importantly, be wary of the chemical components and the steam. They can damage your garden plants and vehicles.

For your vehicles, ensure to cover them while pressure washing your surroundings. Also, rinse them with water before, during, and after all the work is over.

Know Your Limits

Like we earlier stated, the most efficient method for spring pressure washing is to hire an expert. Regardless of how high you turn the machine; some stains would never come out. Such tough stains would only come off with the aid of a professional.

Tough stains aside, the location of the job is crucial. If you're doing anything near your roof, we'll advise hiring a professional instead. DIY roof cleaning is unsafe – you could injure yourself and damage your property.

In essence, know your limits and even that of your pressure washer. When the going gets tough, let Seattle Window Cleaners help you. Reach out today for a free quote!

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A roof completely overtaken by aggressive moss

Get your roof cleaned!

Roof cleaning in Seattle is crucial to maintain the longevity and integrity of your roof, especially in the Pacific Northwest's rainy climate. Removing moss, algae, and debris not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but also prevents potential damage that can lead to costly repairs. Now is the perfect time to schedule a professional roof cleaning to ensure your home stays protected and beautiful throughout the year.